Course Info

The information below is incorrect!  The 2018 Falcon Fatass will have a new course.  I expect it to be longer such that only 6 loops will be required to make up the 50k rather than 7.

The course has been finalized!  Falcon Fatass will be a 50k run, with a bit of “bonus” distance added in.

Here is a bit of info:  It’s hilly.  It’s also a looped course, so you will be back at your vehicle every 4.7 miles.  The footing is generally all runnable.  There are a few spots where the footing is tricky and you need to watch out, especially as you approach and leave the cliff (yes, there’s a cliff).  Really, it’s a little bit of everything all rolled into one.  The only thing you shouldn’t expect is concrete.  If you see any concrete, you’re horribly lost.  Those who are familiar with the mountain bike paths will notice that we mostly follow the Five of Diamonds trail, with a few small deviations.


To make up the 50k, you will be required to run 7 loops.  Each loop has 536 feet of ascent (and 536 feet of descent), giving a total cumulative elevation change of 7,504 feet.